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Juvenile Legion of Mary

Legion of MaryThe Legion of Mary is, according to the official manual of the Legion of Mary, an association of Catholics who, with the approval of the church and under powerful command of Mary Immaculate Mediatrix of all graces, (beautiful with the moon, bright as the sun, Saints and their followers, terrible as an army in battle order) constitute a legion to serve in the war perpetually waged by the church against the evil that exists in the world.

It is an association that consists of a tripod: Prayer, Meeting and Work. The meeting of its members takes place once a week and in the same meeting they are given tasks that must be fulfilled. In these works the Legionaries are mirrored in the humility of Our Lady and bring comfort and love of God to all those who need it.

It was founded in Ireland in 1921 and has spread all over the world.

In Santa Cruz, the Juvenille Legion of Mary, exists since November 2012, and is currently composed of the following elements:



Spiritual Assistant: Fr. Nuno Maiato

President: Filipa Bilhete

Vice president: Patrícia Bilhete

Secretary: Alexandra Silva

Treasurer: Catarina Teixeira


Periodicity: Weekly

Meeting: Friday 19h30