Public-displayed Collection at the Mother Church of Lagoa

Serviço Pastoral de Apoio a Pessoas Surdas



Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the organ that, at parish level, in union with the parish priest and in communion with the Diocesan Church, animates the life of the Christian community and coordinates the activity of its members in all areas that concern the pastoral functions of the Parish.


(Estatutos Cap. I - Artº 2º)


Triennium 2019-2022


I. Councils and Permanent Services

Parish Priest Nuno Maiato
Economic Affairs Council  
Feast Committee António Ponte
Office and Parochial Archive Service Eduarda Lopes
Public-Displayed Collection at Mother Church of Lagoa Joana Simas

II. Pastoral of Announcement

Catechesis of Childhood and Adolescence Patrícia Carvalho
Family Catechesis Margarida Cabecinha
DIANA Project: Support Service for Deaf People Paula Freitas
Scouts 1290 of CNE Ângelo Silva
Romeiros João Botelho
Romeiras Ana Ponte
Juvenile Legion of Mary Filipa Bilhete
Patrícia Bilhete
Shalom Youth Encounter Movement Tiago Sousa
Francisco Oliveira
Cursillos in Christianity Lúcia Matos

III. Liturgical Pastoral

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Afrisia Cabral
Readers Group Filomena Oliveira
Decoration Group Maria de Deus Costa
Group of Acolytes Tiago Martins
Matriz of Lagoa Coral  
Children and Youth Choral Group Cláudia Raimundo 

IV. Social and Charitable Pastoral

Caritas Nucleus  

V. Invited

Santa Cruz Parish Council Sérgio Costa


Periodicity: Quarterly