The ornamentation in the Mother Church of Santa Cruz is a visible mark of its continuous efforts for a more active participation and for a closer approach of the community in the religious life of its parish.


In this way, several ornamental groups were created, organized according to the different streets of the parish of Santa Cruz in the city of Lagoa. Composed by elements of these same streets or not, join efforts to beautify the church with floral arrangements that fascinate! Natural, beautiful and colorful flowers that give life to the institution, especially on festive days and in the great Christian celebrations of which Christmas and Easter epochs are exemplified, for the work and refinement they demand, result from unity, effort and availability among all members Of ornamentation groups.


Its elements do not have any specialization in the area, so the registration for the groups is open to the whole community and in particular to all those who show interest and taste for the "art of sprucing up". Combining talent and creativity with the commitment and generosity of all those involved, the Mother Church of Lagoa is filled with beauty and color, an authentic "heaven on earth" as it is referred to by some of the collaborators who express a service to God, To the community and its visitors or only to all those who walk in


Periodicity: Annual

Meeting: Beginning of the Pastoral Year



Public-displayed Collection at the Mother Church of Lagoa

Serviço Pastoral de Apoio a Pessoas Surdas