Public-displayed Collection at the Mother Church of Lagoa

Serviço Pastoral de Apoio a Pessoas Surdas



Youth Choir

The choral group of the children of the Mother Church of Lagoa is not a recent movement. For some time this group has been animating the Eucharistic celebrations of the parish of Santa Cruz on almost every Sunday, save a few exceptions, starting at 11h30 in the morning, which is intended especially for children from first to tenth catechetical year.

Under the coordination of Cláudia Raimundo and Ruben Pacheco, the children chant different songs, cheerful and easy to assimilate so that they are accompanied spontaneously by the young people who follow the various moments of the celebration.

Without any type of musical formation of its own, the group lives on the talent, the taste for music and the availability of its members who by singing or by the chords of their instruments fill with joy and beauty the Sunday masses throughout the year.

The choral group of children opens doors to all those interested and to all who have a taste for music or simply intend to render a service to the church. For this is also a movement that is intended to connect and bring the young people closer to the service itself, in this case through music. There is talk of a celebration whose children play a central role, willing to serve the community, the word and the love of God.


Periodicity: Weekly

Assay: Thursday 19h30