Scouts 1290 CNE

Scouting, born in 1907, is a worldwide movement with the purpose of contributing to the integral education of young people of both gender.

The CNE (Corpo Nacional de Escutas) - Portuguese Catholic scouting - was born on May 27, 1927, six years after its original foundation, founded by Archbishop Manuel Vieira de Matos and Dr. Avelino Gonçalves.

The Scout Group of our parish - Agr. 1290 Santa Cruz - was founded in November 2004, on the initiative of Father João Martins Furtado, receiving the first inscriptions in January of the following year.

On July 5, 2005, in our Mother Church, the first promises of leaders (leaders) and the Lobitos, Explorers and Walkers sections were celebrated.

The patron of the group is Saint Anthony, showing the same, in the festivities in honor of this saint, as well as in other celebrations, great collaboration at all levels.

Throughout the year numerous activities are carried out, such as camps, cantonments and / or even acamarpions (maritime scout camps with pioneers), in addition to these activities, we highlight the liturgical animation of the parish mass twice a month to seconds and fourths Sundays. The Group also participates in regional activities, such as Acanuc, held every 4 years, in the activity of S. Jorge and in Seeds of Life (weekend of formation of positions). They also participates in a national activity, the Jamboree, also held every 4 years.


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Group Direction

Head of Grouping: Ângelo Silva

Deputy Head: Marina Azeredo

Secretary: Liliana Tavares

Treasurer: Vitor Tavares

Spiritual Assistant: Fr. Nuno Maiato


Direction of Sections

Lobitos: Liliana Tavares

Explorers: Vítor Tavares

Pioneers: Ângelo Silva

Walkers: Marina Azeredo


Periodicity: Weekly

Meeting: Friday 20h00


Public-displayed Collection at the Mother Church of Lagoa

Serviço Pastoral de Apoio a Pessoas Surdas